About us

A story of innovation and success

What all skiers and snowboarders take for granted today – stone-ground skis and snowboards – has its origins in the resourceful mind and skilled hands of Janez Gladek. He worked in the ski business as early as the 1960s and developed stone grinding technology and the associated grinding machines and grinding robots for his employer at the time.


In 1992, he ventured into self-employment and made a name for himself by renting skis to sports shops. This business led to his idea of producing suitable storage cabinets for winter sports equipment. In the 1990s, he equipped the Kronplatz ski resort in South Tyrol, the first of numerous winter sports resorts throughout Central Europe, with his wardrobe lockers.


From 2002, Pia Gladek supported him in the back office.


In 2004 he founded a limited company and his son Alex became co-owner.


In 2009, the Arosa golf course became the first golf course to receive lockers for golf equipment.


In 2011, the product range was expanded to include drying systems for industrial and commercial enterprises. These were distributed by the Austrian group WINTERSTEIGER AG until 2020.


Seit Mitte 2020 mitten in der Pandemiezeit, entschied sich die Gladek Technik GmbH, den Vertrieb selber zu übernehmen. Es wurde die Firma Gladek Technik Deutschland GmbH gegründet.

At the turn of the year 2020/2021, a large number of cloakroom lockers were installed and commissioned over two floors using the condensation drying process at a customer in Baden-Württemberg.


This was followed in 2021 by a municipal project in northern Germany, where several hundred cloakroom lockers were also installed using the condensation drying process.